"Hail traveler, I have waited for you...

We have walked this path together, you and I...

and now the roads diverge and we must take the one less traveled.

You mapped the route before you came and left markers along the trail

as reminders of your mission, but you grew weary on the journey

and seeking sheltefrom the battle, you slumbered too long in the sun.

Now you are awakened by a thundering storm.

 Have you have forgotten your covenant?"- Grace Elohim, The Elohim Collective. 

          JUNE CLASSES:                                JULY CLASSES:                                 AUGUST CLASSES:

ACTIVATE up to 144 Strand DNA. 

   Merge with your Multi-dimensional Higher Consciousness at Source.

Attune to the Ascension Frequency of 144,000 -

and Anchor it here for Planetary Ascension. 

Evolve your Merkaba Light Body &

 Experience your Transformational journey into