Alison David Bird, C.Ht

Integrated Avatar ~ Grace Elohim

Lisa Wilson, LMT

Integrated Avatar ~ Archangel Ariel

"Multi-dimensionalism is the

Next Wave of Human Evolution."

- Pleiadians

     Former British journalist and Hypnotherapist, Alison David Bird, C.Ht., forged a lasting connection with Pleiadians, and the authentic GFL, after being introduced through a client under hypnosis at her Martha's Vineyard practice, in 2012.

      In 2013, She was made custodian of a new frequency of transformative energy called MARCONICS, with instructions on how to develop a 'No-Touch' protocol, that would harness Divinely Directed energy from the Cosmos, targeted to release humans from the density, ensalvement and fear of their karmic creations (3rd Dimension) and bring them into physical  merger with multiple levels of Higher (Self) Consciousness, in the SHIFT to becoming fully Integrated, Multi-Dimensional, SOVEREIGN Beings.  

                                                   An evolution described by Galactics as:

                                                    The Birth of the Avatar Race.

     In 2014, Alison partnered with former student, Lisa Wilson, LMT, an energy healer and teacher. Lisa had began to receive channeled instructions from Archangel Sandalphon, detailing a process to create the infrastructure to house the energy of the Oversoul. This process became the:

                                                  Marconics Infinite Light ‘I AM’ Merge

An intricate alignment of Sacred Geometric forms constructed in the physical and subtle bodies.