Marconics Practitioner Training

Whether you are an individual seeker on a path for personal Ascension, or you are Lightworker or Healer, you will be forever changed by these training retreats! 

Marconics carries the frequency of Ascension, 144,000. Marconics practitioners are the bridge between the dimensions, facilitating the connection between the client on the table and their awaiting celestial families. By maintaining a pure channel, Marconics Practitioners deliver the purest, highest frequency from the cosmos into the client's energy field, enabling the client's own Higher Self to direct the type of healing to occur. 

Practitioners receive ongoing support by a loving and active community of Marconics Students and Teachers. 

Marconics Practitioner Training is presented in 4 levels.

Each level is offered as a separate individual course, though students may take several levels consecutively over the course of an intensive weekend/week of training. 

Upon completion of the Level 1 Marconics 'No-Touch' training, practitioners may begin seeing clients immediately.