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Based on your appointment type and location we will pair you with a practitioner in your geography whenever possible.

In the event you live outside of our practitioner footprint, the Marconic 'No-Touch' Sessions can be performed remotely. 

MARCONICS; in the time of Corona…

Now Offering Spiritual Coaching and Distance ‘No-Touch’ Healing.

During these unprecedented times of physical and social separation, we have an extraordinary responsibility and opportunity to explore ways in which we can still experience personal growth while the world seemingly stands still.

As more and more States are issuing orders to ‘Shelter in Place’, adding lengthy extensions incrementally, we have sought ways to ease the isolation of Marconics Practitioners, and of our Clients. We acknowledge a desire for those on this Ascension journey  for ongoing personalized support, and one-to-one exchanges regarding your experiences.

We are pleased to announce that we have selected five members of our teaching tier for the role of Spiritual Coaches and Distance Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Healing Practitioners.

Barbara Page, Christiana Kueting, Leah Landry, Nadine Muhammad, and Shanti Avakumova have trained extensively with Marconics Originator, Alison David Bird, C,Ht and Co-Founder Lisa Wilson, LMT. They have demonstrated excellence in their knowledge and application of Marconics philosophy, and higher metaphysical concepts, and all have ongoing Spiritual Coaching experience.

They will now be available for virtual appointments at a special introductory rate while COVID19 work and travel bans are affecting so many:

Marconics Spiritual Coaching Sessions (40 min & 60 min)
Marconics Distance ‘No-Touch’ Healing Sessions (40 min)

It you wish to take advantage of their expertise and experience, we invite you to book directly with any one of them on MassageBook.