Chester, VT

August 7-14, 2019

Marconics Intensive ~ Levels I, II, III & IV Practitioner Training

All classes will be held at The Marconics Center in Chester, VT.

15 Depot Street, Chester VT

Parking available onsite

The Marconics Center is located off I 91 and Vermont Rte 11 West, about 20 minutes from the Okemo Resort Areas and about 45 minutes north of Brattleboro VT.

Local Lodging:

Hugging Bear Inn and Shoppe – 244 Main Street, Chester, VT 866-538-0154

The Inn Victoria - 321 Main St, Chester, VT 05143 (802) 875-4288

The Fullerton Inn - 40 The Common, Chester, VT 05143 - (802) 875-2444

Motel in the Meadow – 936 VT Route 11 West, Chester, VT 866.668-3514

One of our Advanced Practitioners, Nikki Geannelis, has a home in Chester which she has graciously opened to us for Marconics students to take advantage of retreat style accommodations. Her home offers private rooms, shared rooms, and dormitory style rooms, a shared common living room, a large kitchen, an abundance of bathrooms, and freshly home cooked breakfast each morning, along with other amenities on the property. Nikki’s home is a few minutes walk or drive from the town center and our venue. It also abuts the town park and community pool. If you are interested, please contact her directly for rates and availability. 802-875-4800

Local Restaurants: 

There are restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance as well as 5-30 minutes drive of the venue.

Closest Airports:

There are several regional and municipal airports in close proximity to Chester. You may also consider Manchester NH and Hartford CT for flights. All will require a rental car.

Venue Directions
Take exit 6 from I-91 N for US-5 toward Rockingham/ VT - 103/ Rutland (1/2 mile)

Turn left onto US-5 N/ Rockingham Rd (0.6 mi)

Straight onto VT-103 N, then keep left onto VT- 103 N (9.5 mi)

Follow VT 103 N to VT 11W (Main Street)

The Marconics Center will be on your right, off of Depot Street. It is the former VT Institute of Contemporary Arts, a maroon/red building with a gold sun on the top.

  • Level I - Marconics 'No-Touch': Wednesday & Thursday,  August 7-8, $450 
  • Level II - Marconics Advanced 'No-Touch': Friday & Saturday, August 9-10, $550
  • Level III - Marconics Integrated Chakra Unification: Sunday & Monday, August 11-12, $650
  • Level IV - Marconic Quantum Recalibration: Tuesday & Wednesday, August 13-14, $750

 Save 10% - Intensive Level I-IV Bundle Price: $2,160 

NOTE: At this Annual Immersion Training Retreat, levels 1 - 4 of training are offered consecutively beginning on August 7 and ending on August 14.

Students may take any of the levels as a standalone, provided the pre-requisite training has been completed. There are no pre-requisites for level 1 though it is strongly recommended that students read "Marconics Vol 1: The Clarion Call" prior to attending class.


Standalone Registration Options

This annual intensive takes place over over 8 days and offers students the opportunity to become certified as Marconics Advanced 'No-Touch' and Quantum Recalibration practitioners by taking all 4 levels of practitioner training in an immersion style retreat.  Join other like minded seekers as we take an in depth journey through the concepts of the New Earth Paradigm, Higher Self and Soul Sovereignty, Ascension Mechanics, and Spiritual Alchemy.

As a graduate, you will become the Ascension Bridge for others, raising their vibration and assisting their evolution! 

Students registering for the intensive are required to have their own Marconic Recalibration. Your Recalibration can be completed at class by one of our master teachers unless you have already received one prior to class. 

There are a limited number of reviewers spaces available. Reviewers should call 413.977.6837 to register to ensure availability. 

Join the Marconics Team during the height of the Perseid Meteor showers!

Visible each year in August, the beauty of the quaint town of Chester VT, lends itself to perfect viewing  of the Perseid Showers in clear night skies. This serene location is the sanctuary of the Marconics healing and training center. Unique lay line configurations under Chester raises the vibration of the land to a higher dimension that is palpable as you enter the town.

The Levels 2, 3 & 4 are currently sold out.

Click here to be waitlisted

The Levels 2, 3 & 4 are currently sold out.

Click here to be waitlisted