Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send Marconic Energy into crystals? 

Crystals are not used during the Marconics healing sessions. Clients are encouraged to remove all crystals and crystal jewelry prior to a session as some crystals are now a lower vibration than Marconics. As a practitioner you can raise the energy of your crystals by beaming them with Marconic energy.

2. My energy is definitely different since my session. When will I learn what my Soul purpose is?

Each individual carries a specific and unique Soul purpose – the reason they chose to incarnate in this lifetime and the mission their Soul wishes to complete during this incarnation. When you receive Marconics, your Ascension plan, to whatever degree you have agreed in the higher realms, is accelerated. Your Soul plan will be revealed to each client by their own alignment to Source, via their Higher Self lineage. That will not be delivered by the practitioner to the client. The practitioner must only facilitate the bridging between the dimensions during the sessions that enables that connection to be made.

It is important that neither the client, nor the practitioner approach any single session with intentions for healing outcomes. The outcomes are not delivered based on client expectations, they are delivered based on the appropriateness of the healing (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) as directed by the Higher Selves, and ultimately the client's Self at Source.

3. I’ve seen references to the Human Energy Torus and Finite/Infinite Quantum Fields. Could you please elaborate on these?

You can imagine that an Energy Torus looks like a large doughnut with a hole in the middle, that continually cycles energy through it in a cyclical fashion. The energy cycles up the center and spills over the top. The Torus shape is replicated throughout the universe. Earth is sustained in an energy Torus.

The current Human 2.0 Energy Torus is a ‘closed-circuit finite system’ meaning that it is self-fed, like a star feeding off of its own finite supply of quantum. The Human 2.0 is confined within the current matrix of the 12 Dimensions under our Crystalline Grid.

All karmic incarnational cycles, including the experiences of Heaven, are contained within this Matrix at varying vibrational frequencies as our souls are cycled and recycled through the Earth Grid/Crystalline Grid Energy Torus.

In order to ascend out of the matrix and truly reconnect with Source energy your field must be RECALIBRATED from the Human 2.0 Finite Torus of the 3D Lightbody Blueprint, which continues to create Karma and is fed from the closed-circuit, finite system - to the Human 3.0 Infinite Lightbody Blueprint, which is freed of creating new Karma and is opened and fed directly via Source via the Galactic Core. An Infinite System.

4. After participating in a Marconics class or private session, many participants noted that they had strong reactions. For example, one had a stomachache on the way home. The other had a strange sensation in his body and felt disoriented. Can you explain this?

Many clients and students experiencing clearings that go on for hours, days and weeks after their sessions. As cellular memory and karmic imprints are released from the physical and subtle bodies it is not uncommon to experience the release physically in ways that we would perceive to be positive: healings, increased energy, joy, compassion, detachment, better health OR, in a way that we would perceive to be negative: headaches, frequent or urgent bathroom trips, stomach aches, flu like symptoms. This is nothing to fear and is a good sign that the individual is releasing density from their energy field as their vibrational frequency is raised.

5. I’ve seen reference to the Shift having happened on December 21, 2012. However, some say that according to the Mayan Calendar the big day was supposed to be September 3, 2015. There has been mention of other spiritually significant dates as well, most recently December 21, 2020 - What does this mean?

The Mayan calendar has several interpretations of dates with regard to the end of the Ba’k’tuns. There is also more than one “big day.” As we discuss in class -  there is no end to the Shift, it was not like a runner crossing the finish line of a race. The energy is washing over us in waves. There are other time frames we have been informed of as well. The Spiritual Hierarchy does not like to give specific dates because timelines are always shifting and changing. A scenario that might have been true on yesterday’s timeline may not be true tomorrow. The energy we just passed through was substantial and what you do experience will be in alignment with your vibration and your belief system. Remember we are the co-creators of our reality.

6. Are all healing practices - other than Marconics - considered to be 3-dimensional?

No, there are several modalities that are utilizing higher frequencies for healing. Marconics is the frequency of energy we use for Ascension – We are told that there were several modalities being made available for this time period (after 2012) and that Marconics is THE vehicle of Ascension because currently Marconics is the only one achieving Ascension beyond the 12D matrix and into fully embodied Avatar Consciousness, liberated from the time matrix. Third dimensional healing modalities are still powerful, but are for those who are contracted to stay in the 3rd dimension. For those contracting to go higher, the third dimensional modalities will cease to work for them as they develop the next level of Lightbody or make the transition through Marconic Recalibration to Human 3.0.

7. According to your book, Marconics calls on support from Galactic Beings as well as Angels and Archangels. What dimension are they coming from and what energy do they provide in a Marconics Session?

We do not call down individual beings in a Marconics session. The call to the energy is an invitation to beings in alliance with Grace Elohim because she is the overseer of Marconics and the Human 1.0, 2.0. and 3.0 projects. The Archangels, Seraphiam, Elohim, Pleiadians, Sirians, Cherubim all come from different dimensions beginning in 5th and going higher and in some cases different universes. When the call to Marconics is issued by the practitioner, it is inclusive of all beings that support the client and the practitioner, in alliance with Marconics.  

8. What Merkaba is currently used for the Lightbody?

Prior to your personal upgrade, during the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, the shape of the Merkaba honored in the Marconic 'No-Touch' is the one most widely known. It is a Double-Star Tetrahedron configuration. Like a three-dimensional Star of David.

There are over 2000 different types of Merkabas. Mer-Ka-Ba translated means “Light Spirit Body”, and is the vehicle used by our consciousness to reach higher dimensions.

The star shaped Merkaba is the Lightbody that will be limited to travel within this time matrix of dimensions 1-12 under our Crystalline Grid.

In the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, we move beyond this level of Merkaba because in order to achieve Ascension we need to activate our next level of Lightbody that is required for Human 3.0 – An Octahedron. This is constructed during the Recalibration.

9. I understand that Marconic energy is sent to the client through the practitioner. However, I wonder if it would be more efficient for it to be sent to the client. Why do we need to let the energy flow through the practitioner?

Due to the practitioners higher vibrations, since anchoring the frequencies of Marconics, the practitioner is the bridge between this plane and the higher dimensions.

10. Is it okay to do any other healing or energy work after the session? Why isn’t Marconics mixed with other healing energies? All come from the higher dimensional places in the Universe anyway…

Although Marconics triggers spontaneous healing, it is specifically for Ascension.

If you mix Marconics with another frequency, it ceases to be Marconics – you dull the frequency and vibration. This can be damaging to the DNA activations that are occurring as the transformation from 3D to a 5D Lightbody takes place. When a client bounces back and forth between 3D and 5D+ energies they are shedding density and then adding it back in making the clearing process that much more difficult. If you practice many healing modalities and are called to become a Marconics practitioner you can continue to offer those other techniques separately from Marconics.

From our perspective, we offer a client an opportunity to experience the most powerful and profound energy we have access to, to be the bridge for them to commune or integrate with their higher selves, why would we give them something else? If your clients are feeling like they have hit an invisible ceiling or if you are the one at the ceiling, chances are the 3D energy techniques you’ve been using are no longer effective for you or that client. You have a ticket for Ascension and Marconics is the vehicle.