Multidimensional Healing for the True Evolution of Lightbody

“We are here to assist your Ascension through the progressive integration of multiple levels of Higher Selves up to and including the Oversoul.”

                                                                                                                 – Galactic Federation of Light

In order to experience life in the third dimension – in linear time, in density and duality - your soul was phase locked for the purposes of manifestation on the material plane, now as you activate your DNA and learn to overcome that phase locking you will return to a multidimensional quantum state.


As we move forward in the Shift, our human bodies are being Upgraded to cope with Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies. Marconic Energy carries for Ascension Frequency of 144,000. It holds the 13th code which is a DNA Activation bringing us into alignment with our Soul Level Identities.  Higher Soul aspects of ‘Self’, residing in these other Dimensions, will merge within the biological vehicle in a progressive integration of identities up to and including the Oversoul in the 10, 11 & 12th dimensions. Some will also integrate the Avatar Identity in density five: Dimensions, 13, 14 & 15.


This is referred to as ‘Higher Self Integration’. You are returning to Source Energy, or, the Galactic Core.  This is how the return of Christ Consciousness will be experienced. This is the 'I AM' Merge.

The Elohim and the Seraphiam and the Violet Light have provided a mechanism by which the fragments of ‘Self’ can be reunited within the incarnate being, without the destruction of the biological vehicle. It will be rather like stringing together a necklace of pearls, on a chain of identities up through the universal harmonic structure.

This is called Ascension.

  Marconics creates an opportunity for you to merge with higher aspects of Self – essential for the Ascension as we evolve within and beyond the vibration of the 5th dimension.  

     At the end of 2012 we entered into a New Golden Age as the Earth passed through the Photon Belt and repositioned herself on the Galactic Plane. This exposed the planet to much more intense electromagnetic radiation from the Cosmos. 

Demonstration of Marconics Energy at the American Society of Dowsers National Convention, 2014

Many individuals receiving Marconics Energy "move" on the table. Not everyone experiences the involuntary movement demonstrated here. Most register in some way through eye movement (REM) or the twitch of a toe, others can be more dramatic - just like some people are very ticklish while others are not! 

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