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Marconics Lux MagnumPractitioner Training

Level II Marconics

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Alison David Bird, C.Ht. Originator & Co-Founder

Lisa Wilson, LMT, Co-Founder

Marconics Master Teacher Team

Info and Registration: 

Class Fee: $550

Marconic Recalibration: $333

Experience your own personal 'Human Upgrade',  with the Marconic 'Quantum Recalibration', performed by a Marconics Master Teacher, over two days, during the event. 

Marconic Recalibration fee $333

Performed over two 1-hour sessions

Course Fee: $550

Course length 2 days


  • Successful completion of Level 1 Training
  • Students must have a Recalibration prior to class or schedule one to be completed at class

Marconics Level II:

Lux Magnum Practitioner Training:

Learn the higher truths behind the esoteric concept of 'Aligning with the Higher Self.' You are a multidimensional being; an incarnated expression of a vast Oversoul that is orchestrating various lifetimes throughout space and time.  

The Lux Magnum Protocol is an augmentation of the multidimensional holographic body enabling you to draw down, anchor and assimilate frequencies in resonance with you, from Dimensions 7, 8, 9 & 11; and up to 144, via the connection to your Avatar Consciousness. The electric and magnetic energy pathways required for connection to one's own Avatar Consciousness are activated, opened and unified allowing the rise of higher, multi-dimensional Kundalini.

 As a practitioner, you will serve as the facilitator, as we co-create an environment that can enable you to come into a deep and meaningful alignment with your Soul-Self at Source and create the opportunity for the individual to download, assimilate, and integrate the energies into the physical body!

The release of karma, judgment, expectation, and fear combined with the integration of Divine Aspects of one’s self sets the individual on the path to aligning fully with themselves at Source. This awakening and alignment provides a unique opportunity for the individual to achieve the level of spiritual mastery, purity and integrity which provides a platform to attain an even higher level of Ascension – Soul Sovereignty.

Graduates receive Level II certification as Marconics Lux Magnum Practitioners