Marconics Level  III & IV Practitioner Training Intensive  ~ 

Level III Marconics 'Integrated Chakra Unification' 

Level IV Marconic 'Quantum Recalibration'

Level III Marconics

'Integrated Chakra Unification'

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Alison David Bird, C.Ht. Originator & Co-Founder

Lisa Wilson, LMT, Co-Founder

Marconics Master Teacher Team

Info and Registration: 

Class Fee: $650

Marconic Recalibration: $333

Experience your own personal 'Human Upgrade',  with the Marconic 'Quantum Recalibration', performed by a Marconics Master Teacher, over two days, during the event. 

Marconic Recalibration fee $333

Performed over two 1-hour sessions

Course Fee: $650

Course length 2 days


  • Successful completion of Level 1 & 2 Training
  • Students must have a Recalibration prior to class or schedule one to be completed at class

Marconics Level III:

 Spiritual Alchemy and

'Integrated Chakra Unification' Practitioner Training:

The subtle bodies that we have worked with as healers prior to 2012, have been contained in a self-sustaining energy system, fed by the 7 (major) chakras, which had been ‘nipped’ at the spine at the end of the last Ascension cycle.

The cone or ‘trumpet’ shaped chakras were 'dumbed' down further with bio-plasma ‘plugs’, which trap our experiences as we process them through this limited system. This congestion creates the karmic debris that holds us in density for the third dimensional experience.

Advanced practitioners will learn how to perform the Integrated Chakra Unification, a psychic surgery which will enable the recipient to liberate themselves from their own Karmic creations and return to the multidimensional chakra system used in the higher dimensions.

The expansion that is created in the client’s energy field is a permanent upgrade to the human vehicle. The Integrated Chakra Unification triggers the galactic chakras, the thymus, pineal and pituitary glands to become fully functional, while stimulating the return of more than 36 senses, an expanded auric field, and upwards of 24 major chakras.

Graduates receive Level III certification as Marconic Integrated Chakra Unification Practitioners