Level I ~ Marconics 'No-Touch' Practitioner Training

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Level I Classes

Graduates receive certification as

Level 1

Marconic 'No-Touch' Healing Practitioners

There are no pre-requisites for Level I Classes, though it is recommended that you read the Marconics books, to provide you with foundational information.

Upon registration, a member of our teaching team will email you with class logistics, including the class address.

All classes are 2 full days and start around 9:30 am and conclude around  5 pm.

Level I 'No-Touch' Class Fees:

US: $450

UK: £360

Japan: ¥54,000

Marconic Recalibration Appointment:

Receive your own upgrade by one of our certified teachers.

US: $333

UK: £333

Japan: ¥45,000

Have you hit a "ceiling" in your life (or your healing practice)? Then this is what you've been waiting for!

This two-day Level 1 Marconic 'No-Touch' Practitioner Training Class is an exciting and expansive course spanning such topics as:  The Origins of the Shift into the New Age, The Development of Lightbody, The Body Hologram, and healing through the Unified Field. 


Level 1 Certification?

Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing and hailed by Spirit as 'The Vehicle of Ascension.' 

Whether you decide to become a healer or, simply use Marconics frequencies to further your own personal Spiritual journey - you will be forever transformed after attending.  

  • Access energy from the newly completed Infrared System of Space.
  • Learn how to Anchor expansive Ascension Frequencies for the planet.
  • Entrain others through the Unified Field to raise their vibrations.
  • Drop density and shed karmic debris from your energy field.
  • Stimulate the development of the new 'Lightbody' 

2020 Schedule

Level 1

Marconics 'No-Touch' Practitioner Certification Classes


11-12, Providence, RI
25-26, Derry, NH
25-26, Edison, NJ
25-26, Boston, MA


2-3, North Andover, MA


6-7, Watertown, MA

20-21, Essex, England, UK
20-21, Tokyo Japan

27-28, Derry, NH

27-28, Lakewood, CO

27-28, Sherbourne, MA


4-5, Derry, NH
25-26, Watertown, MA


8-9, Essex, England, UK
15-16, Tokyo, Japan
22-23, Wallingford, CT
29 - 3/1, Austin, TX


7-8, North Andover, MA
7-8, Watertown, MA
14-15, Northborough, MA
21-22, West Palm Beach, FL
28-29, Long Beach, NY28-29, Essex, England, UK28-29, Waterford, CT


18-19, Westborough, MA

18-19, Phoenix, AZ

18-19, Waterford, CT

20-21, Long Beach, NY
25-26, North Andover, MA
25-26, Tacoma, WA


8-9, Austin, TX

15-16, Southington, CT

*15-16, Lake Worth, FL

*20-21, Boca Raton, FL
22-23, Boston, MA

22-23, White Plains, NY

22-23, Saratoga, NY

*Spanish & English


12-13, Cinnaminson, NJ

*19-20, South Deerfield, MA

19-20, Burlington, VT

26-27, Austin, TX

*Spanish & English


3-4, Derry, NH
3-4, Watertown, MA

3-4, Edison, NJ
3-4, Saratoga, NY
24-25, Lakewood, CO

24-25, Newport, RI
31-11/1, Essex, England, UK


7-8, Phoenix, AZ

7-8, Massapequa, NY
7-8, Asheville, NC

21-22, North Andover, MA

*21-22, South Deerfield, MA

*Spanish & English


5-6, Essex, England, UK
5-6, Watertown, MA

5-6, Danbury/Bethel, CT

5-6, Salt Lake City, UT
12-13, Berkley Springs, WVA
12-13, Northborough, MA