Level I ~ Marconics 'No-Touch' Practitioner Training

Level I Classes

Classes are a full day Saturday & Sunday

(unless otherwise noted)

See individual classes for details

There are no pre-requisites for Level I Classes

It is recommended that you read the Marconics books, to provide you with foundational information.


Certified Marconics Teacher Practitioners

Info and Registration: 

Level I 'No-Touch' Class fee $450

Level I Advanced 'No-Touch' Class Fee $550 

Marconic Recalibration $333

Graduates receive certification as

Level I 


'No-Touch' Healing Practitioners

US Class Fee: $450

UK Class Fee: 360 GBP

Have you hit a "ceiling" in your life (or your healing practice)? Then this is what you've been waiting for!

This two-day Level 1 Marconic 'No-Touch' Practitioner Training Class is an exciting and expansive course spanning such topics as:  The Origins of the Shift into the New Age, The Development of Lightbody, The Body Hologram, and healing through the Unified Field. 


Level 1 Certification?

Marconics is the Evolution of Energy Healing and hailed by Spirit as 'The Vehicle of Ascension.' 

Whether you decide to become a healer or, simply use Marconics frequencies to further your own personal Spiritual journey - you will be forever transformed after attending.  

  • Access energy from the newly completed Infrared System of Space.
  • Learn how to Anchor expansive Ascension Frequencies for the planet.
  • Entrain others through the Unified Field to raise their vibrations.
  • Drop density and shed karmic debris from your energy field.
  • Stimulate the development of the new 'Lightbody'