Level  IV  ~ 

Marconics 'Quantum Recalibration' Practitioner Training

Level IV Marconics

'Quantum Recalibration'

Please see each class for times and days


Alison David Bird, C.Ht. Originator & Co-Founder

Lisa Wilson, LMT, Co-Founder

Marconics Master Teacher Team

Info and Registration: 

Class Fee: $750

Marconic Recalibration: $333

Infinite Light I AM Merge: $444

You can experience the next level of Ascension in the Marconics Infinite Light 'I AM' Merge, an intensive two-day procedure that encodes your being with the harmonic and sacred geometric infrastructure to support Higher Soul integrations. Available only to Level IV Students and performed by a Marconics Master Teacher.

Infinite Light I AM Merge fee $444

Performed over two 1-hour sessions

Course Fee: $750

Course length: 3 days


  • Successful completion of Level 1, 2 & 3 Training
  • Students must have a Recalibration prior to class or schedule one to be completed at class

Marconics Level IV:

 Advanced Spiritual Alchemy and

'Quantum Recalibration' Practitioner Training:

Available to graduates of the Level III Marconics Advanced 'No-Touch' & Integrated Chakra Unification Practitioner Training, the Quantum Recalibration is the process through which human bodies (etheric and physical) are being re-tuned/ re-structured/ re-calibrated to survive and thrive in those higher dimensions.

  • Understand how the Spiritual DNA upgrades have been arriving in waves as we continue to move forward in the Shift
  • Learn how to facilitate instantaneous connections to the Universal grids
  • Support those who are ready to be activated and expand their genetics in a re-evolution of the true Lightbody
  • Uncover the deeper truths of our Galactic origins
  • Experience Ascension Mechanics in the new Quantum Merkaba
  • Explore in more detail the concepts of Higher Selves and Oversoul Integrations

In the 3D system, energy is drawn up through the core of the body and spills out from the crown and down again in a cycle that creates an energy torus. But this Torus is a closed system, a finite energy torus in a finite quantum field, which over time is weakening. The planet herself also exists in a closed quantum field of energy, which will eventually burn itself out, if Earth doesn’t return to the Galactic Core and complete her Shift.

Marconic Quantum Recalibration liberates the individual from this closed circuit and returns them to an Infinite and Open state of Being for Multidimensional living.