“You are the Advanced Guard;

Guardians of Consciousness, the Gatekeepers.
Your duty and responsibility is

the unfolding of the path.

The structure and administration of the laws of manifestation have been learned.

The advanced individuals will pass the Cardinal Cross

and the Gate will swing open….

Mental energy will crystallize so that the

active intelligence of Divinity

may manifest in the outer world

and on earth.

Gatekeepers, open the gates

– swing wide the gates –

for into your hands has been placed

the Key of Life.”

Grace Elohim ~ Alison David Bird

The Marconics Level I Teaching Team

Josh Brotherton

USA National Team 

Nadine Muhammad

USA National Team 

Pat Hardman

Spanish USA 

Reiko Mori

United Kingdom Team 

Rupi Kaur

United Kingdom Team 

Toshiko Yanagasawa

Japanese Team 

Kimiko Ouichi

Japanese Team 

Barbara Page

Central New England Team 

Christiana Kueting

Central New England Team 

Julie Oakes Auletta

Southern New England Team 

Stephanie Patrick

Southern New England Team 

Aaron Nebbia

Southern New England Team 

Kathy Peters

Western US Team 

Veronica Rios

Western US Team 

Kristi Farmer

Western US Team 

Shanti Avakumova

Northern New England Team 

Leah Landry

Northern New England Team 

Autumn Relyea

 Tristate NY/NJ/PA Team 

Robin Landau

 Tristate NY/NJ/PA Team 

Lisa Miller

 Metro/West MA Team 

Lisa Adams

 Metro/West MA Team 

The Marconics Core Team

The Marconics Core Team (left to right): 

Eleni Montero, Robin Bradford, Alison David Bird, Lisa Wilson, Gina Odryna

The Marconics Core Team answered the Clarion Call in 2014 under the leadership and direction of Originator Alison David Bird, C.Ht.

Together, these women have welcomed thousands of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos, and Wayshowers into the ever growing Marconics community of practitioners at the leading edge of the Ascension.    

To best support those awakening to higher consciousness and shifting into higher levels of spiritual evolution, our most advanced practitioners have enlisted in the mission of Ascension to become Teachers of the Level I Marconic 'No-Touch' Healing Protocol. 

They have trained extensively with Originator Alison David Bird C.Ht.,  and Co-Founder Lisa Wilson and the Master Teacher Core Team.

We invite you to scroll down and meet our team!

Meet the Marconics Core Team and Level I Teaching Team