Business Coaching Sessions for Practitioners


One on One Support for Practitioners:

We are pleased to announce that two of our MARCONICS Teachers are NOW available to support you in private, one-to-one Business Coaching Sessions regarding your business.  

Master Teachers Tawney Pierce and Teacher Robin Landau
both enjoyed success in private practice and have a wealth of expertise. In addition to setting up a client practice, ensuring the best client experience, and establishing a client base,

both Robin and Tawney can lend their expertise as follows: 

Robin: setting up lectures to draw in clients, expos, and general marketing and social media.

Tawney: setting up financial accounts, optimizing social media and marketing platforms, website content and other technical skills. 

Please use registration button below to reserve an appointment

All business coaching appointments are 60 minutes at a rate of $144

At checkout you will be directed to complete a Google form we require to finalize your appointment date and time. 

Choose Your Coach

Thank you for booking your appointment with Marconics. We look forward to working with you!

After completing the coaching appointment registration form, the teacher-coach you selected will contact you by email with your appointment date and time along with log-in instructions for your virtual coaching session.

What to know about your session: 

Business Coaching Sessions are facilitated video call by certified Marconics Teachers. It is recommended that you are prepared to take the call via a computer so you have access to view screen shares with the teacher. 

Preparing for your Session:
To optimize your coaching session, ensure that you will be in a quiet place, and able to connect via  video conference without interference or interruption. It is recommended that you make a list of what you would like to discuss with the Marconics Teacher during the session, and that you have a notebook and pen/pencil handy.


Marconics Teachers will share anecdotal information and make recommendations with you based on their personal experiences and what has worked for them. Our teachers cannot make suggestions on platforms or business strategies they have not personally used. 

Marconics International LLC does not have any financial relationship with any of the businesses, tools, sites or platforms that may be recommended or make any guarantees as to the efficacy or success you will have with any recommendations provided.  It is up to you to research any business, tools, sites or platforms, including their fees, privacy policies, and terms and conditions prior to use or purchase. By booking this session you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Marconics International LLC and our agents for any actions taken as a result of your business coaching session. 


Payments for appointments are non-refundable. If you have an extenuating circumstance, you may transfer your payment to another appointment with the same Teacher Practitioner, upon giving 24 hours notice in advance of your appointment time.

You may stop your session at any time, however once the session has begun, no refunds or transfers will be granted, as your practitioner has set aside her time for your appointment.


Please email us at with questions on booking.